The Afterword - Colin Harper
The wolf at Sarah McQuaid’s door
I had the great pleasure of seeing Sarah McQuaid doing her thing at a cosy and delightful venue (a little arts centre/cafe at an outdoor pursuits place in the middle of nowhere AKA County Tyrone) last week.

Put it like this, 60-odd miles out from Belfast, I stopped at Beaghmore stone circles (also in the middle of nowhere) as the sun was easing its way downwards and strolled for a while, alone but for birdsong, then got lost on B or C roads, then found the place...

I was still in good enough time to have a beer, sit outside with a book and fend off a strange man in a football top who started a conversation about how you often find yourself on a ‘pee cycle’ with someone over the course of a long night at a boozer. (I wouldn’t know: I don’t go for long nights in boozers – certainly not the kind that guy hangs around, I’d hope.)

Sarah played for maybe 25 people, but a small crowd made no difference – it was a wonderful evening: a warm, intimate show in an unhurried environment and everyone felt part of it.

I’ve posted her fabulous ‘Derby Cathedral’ around here before, and will surely do so again. But for now, here’s another of her songs – this one (from a fairly recent house concert) about the glass being half full, the sun always rising despite the furry predator hanging around the doorway.

When I said a small crowd makes no difference, that isn’t quite true: it makes a difference to Sarah’s living.

She’s on tour in Scotland (early May) then around England (rest of May).

Support her if you can – she’s a lovely woman, and the world needs more of her.