Guitar WorkshopSarah McQuaid is the author of a guitar tutor, The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book, described by The Irish Times as “a godsend to aspiring traditional guitarists,” and has developed two workshops: An Introduction To DADGAD, for players with little or no experience of DADGAD, and DADGAD Song Accompaniment, a follow-on workshop for guitarists who are experienced DADGAD players or have already attended the beginning workshop. Sarah has presented DADGAD workshops at music schools, festivals, arts centres, private homes and other venues in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Holland and Germany.

Click here to download workshop information sheet, including course outlines for both workshops.

Comments from previous attendees:

“Probably the best workshop I’ve been to – well structured, lots of info plus handouts.”
—Mike Stanton (Warwickshire, UK)

“The informal approach made me feel relaxed and I learnt quite a lot in a very short space of time.”
—Steve Ford (Coventry, UK)

“Really enjoyed workshop. Would suit all levels and Sarah has a great teaching style.”
—Pete Redrup (Southdowns, UK)

“I attended Sarah McQuaid’s DADGAD workshop at Sidmouth Folk Week in 2007. Clear, comprehensible, useful and very pleasantly and ably presented. Lovely speaking voice and personality apart from anything else. DADGAD is something I try once in a while, and it is nice to have much more clue about it than I should otherwise. Also, it was just a nice workshop.”
Peter Thomas (Surrey, UK)

“I really enjoyed your workshop and I liked the way you made sure there was something for everyone. Each one of us had come along with widely different expectations and experience but you overcame this by adapting to the way the flow was going. As someone who has dabbled in open tunings, including DADGAD, for 35 years without really knowing what I was doing I certainly got a lot out of the session, which was also my first ‘guitar lesson’! For me it was useful to have read your Irish DADGAD Guitar Book beforehand but this was by no means a necessary requirement for a participant to benefit from the workshop. I liked too the impromptu illustrations using guitar parts taken from songs and instrumentals on your CDs. Your insight into chord structures and scales cast a new light on the reason why an open tuning like DADGAD works, in contrast to my previous hit-and-miss, limited attempts at picking out chords that sound nice. I’m sure I speak for other participants when I give a big thank you for an excellent workshop, which I would recommend to any guitarist.”
—Adrian Vranch (Devon, UK)