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Mama: Music

Sunshine On A Rainy Day 2008

Zoë Pollock (PRS) & Martin Glover (PRS)
Zoë had a hit single with this song back in 1991. This is her update of it, with some old lyrics taken away and some new lyrics added.

Zoë: spoken word, vocal, classical guitar
Sarah: vocal, steel-string guitar
Jarvis: drum kit, percussion, harmonium, trumpet
Tiffany: flute
Morning rides the colour of the water gods
Sweet swallows wrap their wings in your hair
And the water falls down
Wild eyes look down on the coloured dove
Her hand reaches out and the pain is gone

I see you in the darkness I see you in light
I see your eyes shining in through the night
Make it feel make it feel so unreal
Like a wind in the desert like a moon on the sea

Sunshine on a rainy day
Sunshine on a rainy day

And you arrived with a mountain crown
The creatures came to hear the sound
We rattled bones and stars fell down
And colour sweeps the barren ground

You touch me with your spirit you touch me with your heart
You touch me in the darkness I feel it start
Make it feel make it feel like I belong
Don’t leave me won’t leave me all alone

Sunshine on a rainy day
Sunshine on a rainy day

We dreamed the day and the colour blue
Then we were blinded by the sight of you
Baby cries love come strong
And children grow as time moves on

Sweet is the fragrance of the star flower
As it clings to the breathing rocks in the wind and the rain
She painted herself the colour of the night and the wild wild wild water it came
And then she swallowed the earth and the sky so we could fly

Sunshine on a rainy day
Sunshine on a rainy day
Sunshine on a rainy day