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Mama: Guestbook

Cristina R. - Cambridge UK

January 10, 2010

keep up with the music... it is good for the hart... the hart of each of your fans and the new ones to come!! Thank you!!

Ray Murray

October 16, 2009

Just downloading the album on iTunes. A most wonderful sounding album indeed. :)


April 26, 2009

The original 'Sunshine on a rain day' was fantastic, it's great to watch the 1991 TOTP performance on youtube ... and the new version is also fantastic, a wonderful re-interpretation.
I hope you see 'Mama' live some time, if I'm lucky.


April 6, 2009

P.S. Better you put a WARNING before download your pics : many of your fans might fall in love or get hypnotized after looking your wonderful regards! :-))


April 6, 2009

I'm sipping Darjeeling tea added to your music in the light of this early Spring in Venice...SUCH a special blessing pleasure! Looking at your website I can feel your artistic communication expanding in different ways, from music to images and over. There's a true freedom in your "different" art expressions (just One, at last). So deeply inspiring for me! Thank you!


March 6, 2009

Absolutley love your fantastic reworking of sunshine on a rainy day the original being one of my all time favourite tracks.Will definitely check out your new album.

Zoe you are a fantastic vocalist.

Best wishes


spike watson

December 19, 2008

loved you guys on radio cornwall the other day, look forward to buying the album.more dates in cornwall uk please


December 17, 2008

Your music is such wonderful !!!! When this cd comes out in Europe, please ?

Richard Wells

November 11, 2008

I too live in Cornwall and discovered you via the BBC Cornwall site this morning. Wow! Brilliant! A partnership that should grow and expand bringing pleasure to millions.If not there's something seriously wrong with this world.


October 9, 2008

Dear Zoe,
Looking for information of st. Ives I saw the September festival and there, to my happy suprise, I red about your new band.... really fine for you, so no more pottery but music and music again, that's great!!! My computer doesn't have any sound at the moment so I cannot hear the tracks but I remember the song you sung at Hiltrud's must be lovely!
with love, Tonia


October 9, 2008

wonderful music!

Sarah Tee

September 29, 2008

Hurray! It looks brilliant, well done.xx


June 28, 2008

Please let me know when the album is for sale and where I can purchase it. Much love and thanks x