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CD coverSarah McQuaid’s fourth solo album, Walking Into White, was released in February 2015 on Waterbug Records and has earned rave reviews in the press -- click here to read them and here to buy the album.

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Click here to download a print-ready PDF of the tour flyer, or here for an emailable JPEG image. Details of all shows on Calendar page.

Sarah McQuaid is proud and happy to be an Elixir Strings endorsed artist, alongside the likes of Richard Thompson and Newton Faulkner. “I love the evenness and clarity of toneelixir_s_p_d_c.jpg of the Elixir strings,” says Sarah. “I'm privileged to play a beautiful custom-made guitar by Andy Manson, and when I use these strings I know they're doing it justice.”

Click here to see live videos of Sarah McQuaid, here to listen to a full-length live concert, here for latest news, here for information on Sarah’s workshops on the DADGAD guitar tuning ... and click here for links to Sarah’s pages on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and YouTube.

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tour flyer

Click here to download a print-ready PDF of the tour flyer, or here for an emailable JPEG image. Details of all shows on Calendar page.

Album of the Month on FolkWords - March 2, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Walking Into White prevailed over seriously stiff competition to be awarded "Album of the Month" on FolkWords for the month of February 2015! Below is the full text of FolkWords editor Tim Carroll's announcement and review:

February 2015 Album of the Month: ‘Walking into White’ from Sarah McQuaid

The year rolls on and it's time for another choice for 'FolkWords Album of the Month'. There were a numnber of contenders put forward by the team this month; the short list included: ‘Songs Of Exile, Love & Dissent’ by Rich McMahon, ‘With The Dawn’ by Bella Hardy, ‘Interloper' from Tom Kitching and ‘Incidents & Accidents’ by Dan Walsh … however, the final choice for February is ‘Walking into White’ from Sarah McQuaid.

The echoing magic of ‘Walking into White’, the latest album from Sarah McQuaid, seizes you from the first and holds you captured long after the last notes fade. The owner of a distinctive captivating voice, exponent of striking melodic dexterity, Sarah has created an album suffused with slices of exploration and discovery that writes one more mesmeric chapter in the ever-expanding chronicle of her music.

Sending out a trembling resonance, this is a collection of songs that feel their way into your being, combining to impart breadth and spread coupled with an allure that beguiles you to share the confidences they reveal. From the supremely melodic instrumental ‘I Am Grateful For What I Have’ through the lingering three-part round of ‘Jackdaws Rising’ to the combination of child-inspired innocence and adult insecuritites running through ‘Yellowstone’, a sense of completeness and unity pervades the entire album.

The hypnotic ‘Low Winter Sun’ pulls you into a moody, synthesized soundscape evoking the chill that accompanies cold winter sunshine, before the potent ‘Where The Wind Decides To Blow’, taking its influence from Arthur Ransome’s ‘Swallows and Amazons’, adds adult nuances to the story’s theme. The references to ‘Swallows and Amazons’ crop up in two more songs, with Sarah using her love of these children's books to expand allegorical reach. ‘The Tide’ explores navigating a ‘safe channel’ through shallow water into the dangers lurking in life’s shallows, while ‘Walking Into White’ expands on another life-parable of finding your way through enveloping fog.

The truly beautiful ‘Leave It For Another Day’ with its echoing guitars, deeply moving lyrics and haunting vocals is a shiver-inducing song, ‘Canticle Of The Sun’ (better known as ‘All Creatures Of Our God And King’) repeats the splendour, while Sarah’s emotive take on Ewan McColl’s ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ performs the perfect close.

Walking Into White is No. 11 on Euro Americana Chart - February 3, 2015

We’re delighted to report that Walking Into White has entered the Euro Americana Chart at No. 11!

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